1. Choose a product group
  2. Look through the product you are interested in. Choose a photo product from another angle and learn about the composition and price.
  3. Choose a product, color, size, and add it to your shopping cart. Continue to select products or proceed to checkout.
  4. If you are making an order, register, or make the purchase as a guest of the site.
  5. After entering your data, check the accuracy and confirm.
  6. Then select a method of how you want to receive your order: through a courier, through pick-up points, or take it right from our office. Check the accuracy of delivery address. You can clarify time and cost of delivery in the section of “Delivery”.Likewise, the information will also be shown on the order page in a pop-up message.
  7. Confirm the order
  8. Check the accuracy of the placed order and the selected delivery option.
  9. Click the ” Place your order” button and you automatically will go to the online payment page. Click the “Pay for the order” button and enter the required information. How to make a payment is described in detail in the PAYMENT section.
  10. After the payment, you will be contacted by the BERNES team to confirm your order.
  11. After sending the order, you will receive an email notification.
  12. If you have any questions, please contact us at +7 (925) 544-76-20, by mail info@bernes.ru or any other convenient way.

Thank you!